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Raindrops of Hope -Part 2

Why Raindrops of Hope?

Why Hope?

Because they are two of the greatest impacts for me in my grief journey. I know that hope is the only thing that’s gotten us this far. Hope in Christ. Hope in ourselves. Hope in one other. Hope for us from other people. Hope for a future. I was asked a few days after Philip passed away what we wanted the central theme of his funeral to be about. And you know the word that came to mind instantly? Hope.


Hope. It was the one thing I was sure of in the midst of chaos inside my head. In fact, the word “hope” came from my mouth so strongly and determinedly that I remember feeling surprised, myself.

So, that being said, clearly God wants me to see hope through even this. Maybe especially through this.

Do I always feel hopeful? Absolutely not. Sometimes I feel down right unhopeful. Anti-hope. Pretty crummy. And I happen to like being there in some moments. That’s how grief is. Just because hope is something I strive for, doesn’t mean I always achieve it or always want to achieve it in some moments. Sometimes I can be pretty darn happy sitting in my misery. And I think there’s a time for sitting under my raincloud for a while and letting myself be sad, or angry…or anything but hopeful. But then, eventually my raincloud lifts and I try to strive for hope again. Baby steps, but still steps.

you know there’s a reason that verse upon verse in the Bible speaks of the “hope we have in Christ”. (See Hebrews 6:19, 1 Corinthians 15:19, Psalm 33:20, Psalm 39:7, Romans 12:12 to reference a few)  Because without Christ Jesus, there wouldn’t be hope. I don’t know how you would make it through this without hope. I don’t know what there would be worth hoping for.

I have hope because my son is in heaven with a Father who loves him unconditionally.

I have hope because of the assurance I have that one day I will hold my son in my arms, and never have to let go.

I have hope because I have Christ carrying me through this just as he’s carrying my son.

I have hope because I see how far I have come because of Hope in Christ… And there’s a twinge of excitement about where He could take me…if I hold on to hope.

I have hope because God has the answers and I do not.

See here’s the thing…within me, I have tears, I have memories, I have love for this child. But the hope I have is only from Christ.

So why Raindrops of Hope? Because I want this ministry to bring hope to people whose life often feels like it’s filled with raindrops of sorrow and grief and pain. A place where hope is easily snuffed out if not constantly sought out. A place that, despite its pain… Can become comfortable and familiar. And that’s where the danger lies… Because a rainstorm is no place for a flower to grow and flourish.
People that have trouble seeing the good in the rain. I know because I’ve been there (and still am some days).

Not everyone actually enjoys the rain. But farmers do, and have good reason to. It’s because a farmer knows the the rain brings growth of his crops and his crops bring hope.

The farmer knows that it’s only because of the rain that he will have a crop in the harvest season. Yes, sometimes those raindrops interrupt his day. Sometimes he has to plan when to seed or harvest based on predictions of rain. And yes, oftentimes rain may inconvenience him. But I’ve never met a farmer who wasn’t thankful for the rain…because they know without the rain, their crop would be gone, and so would their hope. He has hope in the future because of that rain.

It’s a simple concept, but a critical one.

So this is for you-

I want you to see hope in your own future because of the rain God is sending in your life now.

I want you to know that though this seems like the worst thing that could happen to you, (and likely is one of the worst things that could happen to them here on this earth) that there can still be hope amidst the dark clouds in the dark storms.

I want you to know that the rain has a purpose in your life, and to trust God to show you that purpose in His timing.

I want you to know that just like raindrops cover a plant as they fall down, so are the prayers for your healing and finding hope.

I want you to one day be so drenched in hope, that you can’t help but use your story to share the hope you have.
I am not anywhere near perfect at being drenched in hope… In fact I’m pretty meager at it. I’m still grieving and healing and developing my own hope. But I know how critical the concept of hope has been to my healing and survival through this thus far. I know that without hope, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I know that without a goal to be better than today’s me, I have no reason to keep going. I know that Jesus placed hope in my heart very early on for a reason. And so the little bit of hope that I do have, on the good days… That is the hope I must share. And for now, that is through Raindrops of Hope.

So why Raindrops of Hope?

Because this journey we are on is about surviving the rainstorms…and healing through Hope.

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