Great Change from Great Words

IMG_6066“If you want to change the world, pick up a pen & write”.

This was said by a man who underwent many challenges, faced much opposition, undoubtedly wondered if he would or could make it through yet another challenge. A man, who though he may not have known it in his lifetime, managed to do just this. He wrote… And he changed the world.

His name was Martin Luther.

He lived in Germany in the 16th century and was the namesake of the 95 theses nailed to the church doors. These theses challenged the pope’s authority to interpret scripture. He was put excommunicated, he was mocked, ridiculed & was eventually a wanted man. He went into hiding and while there, translated the New Testament into the Geeman language so that ordinary people could read the Bible, not just the pope. Because of this single act, (certainly, there were many more)  he changed the set up of the church. He changed the relationship between the church leaders and the church-goers.

Because he picked up a pen and wrote, he changed history. He changed religious freedom. He changed his world and our world.

So, dear mama, I am telling you this: If you want to change the world, pick up your pen & write.

Your story matters. To you. To your child(ren). To your family. To God. To me. To a thousand other mamas and women you’ve never met… Not yet.

Your story is yours… Nobody else can write it for you and use the words that your heart uses to descibe it. Nobody else has lived your story.

So, do this, dear one… Use your story to change the world.

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