Becoming a Godly Woman

The Value of a Diamond

A diamond is known as one of  the most beautiful creations on earth. It is a frequenter of wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories ,  certain tools and  even some microchips for computers!

It is strong beyond comparison to other stones. It is the strongest mineral on earth, in fact. 

“Diamonds are a girls best friend” popular song lyrics tell us…and so it rings true. Diamonds  are indeed a rare breed,  full of strength and beauty, uniqueness and value. 

We all have a desire somewhere deep within us to be a diamond. To be beautiful. To be strong. To have a uniqueness. To be valued. 

But the beauty of a diamond comes at high cost…

You see, in order for a diamond to form, to be what we see in the jewelry store window, multiple factors are required in exact amounts -carbon, heat, pressure, & time. 

Without these, a diamond would be a lump of coal. Without God, we will never be diamonds. We might try. Maybe even get 3 of the 4 factors right. But we need God to truly make us beautiful. It is impossible without Him.

A diamond is made from the purest form of carbon. 

In order for us to become diamonds, we need to have hearts that are pure in order for God to turn us from a simple mineral into a beautiful diamond. Pureness does not come from ourselves, or even our best efforts; but rather from asking God to forgive us of the dirt of sin and make us clean again. 

Next, a diamond needs heat. 752 degrees farenheight, to be exact.( That is hard for my completely non-engineer mind to even imagine, considering water boils at half that temperature. ) And in order for us to become a diamond, God will allow heat in our lives  in the form of physical or emotional challenges, tragedies, relationships , spiritual warfare, spiking emotions and things we are certain are “too hot to handle”.  I said He allows  it. He doesn’t always bring it. He doesn’t always like it (In fact, he hates to see his children in pain) ;Yet it is in those 752 degree moments… That we admit we can’t do this and allow God to take the heat for us. We find that we need a Rescuer… And He is it. He allows  heat and challenges, so that we can learn to allow ourselves to rely on Him & Him alone.  He helps us through these challenges, and on our way to becoming His diamond. 

Next, diamonds need pressure. Over 434,000 pounds of pressure for every square inch! (To be exact). And in our lives, on our road to becoming a diamond, God will allows us to undergo  pressure. (Again allows,  not necessarily wants…). It seems that the heat and pressure so often come together in a way that we are certain will crush and destroy us. 

But, He doesn’t let it. He won’t. 

Sometimes he waits until the last second to save us…. But He will save us from those overwhelming and destroying levels of pressure. He takes is under his wing and bears the pressure on His shoulders, rather than mine. He allows this pressure so that we can learn to lean on Him and  develop further into His diamond. 

Lastly, diamonds require time. They spend ears and years buried in mountains.  Mountains that look common, ordinary… Yet contain something beautiful and valuable and wonderful. 

 We need time, too.

 To let these other factors refine us over time. We need time to learn lessons one by one. We need time to realize that we are the beauty in the barren mountains- and there is nobody else beautiful in our way. (After all, no diamond is exactly the same, just as not one of us is exactly the same.) We will each take different amounts of heat and pressure and pureness and time  to become the beautiful diamond that God created us to be. Yes, He created us to be beautiful. What an amazing thought. 

Sometimes, despite all these factors in place, we feel harvested, but not beautiful in the way we expected to be- like those jewelry store windows. 

Diamond ore, when harvested, doesn’t look like what we would imagine it to be. It looks like this:  

 and yet,after some care and cleaning. Some chipping away and careful cutting… We can see diamonds as we more commonly know them: 

And so then they are cut and polished and created into wonderful and beautiful new things. Things of great earthly value. 

Just as diamonds need to be chipped away at, polished, and sanded to become beautiful and sparky and glistening… We need to continue to let ourselves be molded into the diamond that He desires for us to be. We will take a hit, get chopped here and there- and we must know that our Designer is the best there ever was or will be.

So let me ask you this: much more are you worth to Christ on a heavenly level,  than a diamond  is worth here on earth?

God doesn’t want to make you a diamond so you can sit covered in hardened dirt and mud and silt from over the years. He doesn’t want your beauty  to be buried in the depths of a mountain. 

He wants you to shine like the diamonds in the store front windows. He wants you to be exactly the kind of diamond you were created to be. He wants you to reflect the light of your Designer… to the world.

He wants you to be more than a rock. He allows us throughout life to develop into His diamond, so that through our beauty in Him, we can shine light to others who may be trapped in rocks. We are here to show them what refinement can look like in the end. We are here to give others a hope and a future… In Christ. 

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