Grief and Loss

Handle with Care

I wish I had a “Handle with care” shirt with giant red letters to wear around town.

 A shirt that warned people of the upcoming (and often unexpected) potential outbursts, tears, and confused looks. 

A shirt that said ” I’m lost and I’m hurting and I don’t really know If I want to talk about it… Or when… Or how, really… So, just handle me with care, have grace with me. Be patient. Love me in this broken place where I am at right now.” A shirt that told others (directly but politely) that  my heart is fragile. So fragile. A shirt that could speak when my throat closes up and the words escape me

If only wishes came true…

Luckily, we have this omniscient, all powerful, all knowing God who knows us more than we know ourselves. He is a God who loves us beyond the depths and into the heights. He is a God who knows we need our broken hearts cared for ever so gently…Ever so carefully. He is not only our provider and protector… But also our Healer. In fact, He is the Ultimate Healer. A Healer who can understand my brokenness and begin to heal those cracks within me , and make them beautiful. 

We have a God who doesn’t need us wearing a shirt with big red letters asking for Him to please “handle with care”.  He already knows. 

The world doesn’t see it. But He does. 

He knows.

He understands. 

He too, was broken once. Begging… pleading for “this cup to be removed from him”. He didn’t want to suffer. 

But part of Gods plan included our redemption as sinners …and Jesus’ death on the cross. 

And so, suffer He did. He had to endure literal death. He was buried. And 3 days later, he rose from the dead. 

His suffering changed my life. It changed my son’s life. His suffering brought hope to a hopeless world. His suffering brought us heaven instead of eternal damnation. 

He didn’t want to suffer…but he did. And because he did, my son lives today in a heaven better than I could ever dream of with the One who was once dead and buried here on earth -and is now risen. 

You see, God can takes these shattered pieces of you… And makes them beautiful in a way that only He is able to. He won’t ‘fix’ you back to what you used to be. Instead,  He will take those shattered pieces and build you into something even more beautiful. 

It doesn’t seem possible, right? Believe it mama. 

Beauty in your brokenness? Incredible beauty.. In you.? 


God knows how carefully those pieces of you need to be picked up. He knows the pain. He knows the heartache of losing a child to death-He has had a son die too. He  knows it all. And only He can “handle with care” in the best way for each of us. 

Grief is individual and God is individual. 

Perhaps you ask how? How do I let God “handle with care”?

One piece at a time. One challenge at a time. One hope, one dream at a time.

Try it mama. Let Him work.  As humans,we have free will and must ask and allow our infinitely powerful God to do work within us. We must ask… And He will give. He will heal. He will help. He will guide. 

Because He is God. 

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