Grief and Loss · Holidays

“Mary Christmas”

Raindrops of Hope

”Merry Christmas”

The words just don’t ring so true anymore.

Just as “congratulations” escapes my vocal cords at whatever the most recent pregnancy announcement is…

So these two words escape me now. In the heart of the holiday season, they fail me. And I stand there dumbfounded and silent in the moments following the common greeeting.

People say it at the checkout line, friends say this in their goodbyes if they are unsure if they will see you before Christmas day, it’s become common as a closing in emails this month.

“Merry Christmas”

And every single time I feel this anger and bitterness swell within me to the point where I want to scream back that“this Christmas is NOT Merry!!” I want to tell them that my son died and he’s not here to be sitting under the tree with the rest of the cousins in matching pajamas. I…

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