Becoming a Godly Woman

Purposeful Passion

I was asked recently this question: 

What is your God-designed purpose? Your zone? Your passion? Your “sweet-spot”?  The place where when you’re in this place, the world fades all around you and you are “all in”?

Some people don’t have that place… The answer to those questions is ominous at best. So often we think the answer to that question should be a career or job description or college major.

 But what if it’s not? 

I’ll tell you my answer- writing. Writing is when the world fades and I can speak. It is a place where I’m not scared anymore. It is a place where I feel I’m helping. I am finally free. 

 When I am writing, I go to a place where my worries melt away, and I am at peace. I am content. I feel successful. I feel like ‘me’. It is when the brokenness and ache and pain of my regular day to day life is gone- if only for a few moments. Chaos stops and peace comes. Stillness, focus, quiet surround me. 

I find my ‘zone’. 

Here’s the thing, my answer surprised me. Shouldn’t I be happiest being a nurse? Or being a wife? Or a mom? Or a photographer? Shouldn’t I find my zone in a place where I have been “trained”? 

It’s not surprising that sometimes God helps you find your zone in the last place you’d expect it. In a place where you feel less trained in it than in many other areas of your life. 

Because that’s how He grows us. 

I loved writing as a youngster. I wrote books in elementary school and enjoyed essays in high school and college… But then I stopped. The words I had didn’t seem worthy to be put on paper and written down. I didn’t value them. I didn’t feel others would value them. I didn’t value myself. 

And then my son died without warning or reason. 

And suddenly, words were all I had. They consumed me, overwhelmed me, nearly trampled  me.  And so I started writing, if only to clear my head, if only to get them out of my head so I could breathe again. I journaled and wrote it all. Yes, ALL  of it… The good, the bad, the ugliest of the ugly (and boy there was a lot!

And I found that when  I was writing… God brought me clarity. Not instantly, not always in an obvious way… But over time it came, and still does. I found my ‘zone’, without ever really trying.

 I think once you find it, you’ll never let it go. You don’t know how you lived without it. You finally feel alive when you’re  in it. And it changes you. Forever. 

I honestly don’t know if I would have ever found my zone if I hadn’t lost my son. If I hadn’t been so overwhelmed that I felt I had no choice except to write. 

Sometimes God uses situations we would never wish upon ourselves or anyone in order to bring us to a place where we can find His peace, His joy, maybe even a little bit of His understanding.

It’s not always easy to make time to “get in the zone”. Sometimes our “zone” doesn’t even seem do-able in certain waves of life. It takes conscious effort and prioritizing to find reason to go there. To do the thing that makes you happy, peaceful, joyful, content… The list could go on. It takes effort to go to this place and let the worries and the world fade away. 

And more often than not, it’s a whole lot easier to not go there. 

But if we never try; If we never go there then we are giving up an invaluable gift. 

Our “zone”, our “sweet spot”, that place in life that we are passionate about, that place where we are truly happy and successful… It’s from God. It’s a place , a gift that God gave us to find His peace, His contentment, His love, His success. 

Sometimes we don’t know how our “sweet spot” fits in with our God given purpose. Sometimes I don’t know how my writing fits in to my overall purpose in life. Oftentimes it doesn’t seem to fit in an obvious way. Sometimes it feels like my passion for writing opposes my purpose, even. 

And that’s when I know I need to change my focus from “What do I think God’s purpose for me is” to “What does God know that my purpose is? And how is He going to use this passion of mine to achieve that?”

So I ask you now the same question that someone asked me: 

What is your God-designed purpose? Your zone? Your passion? Your “sweet-spot”? The place where when you’re in this place, the world fades all around you and you are “all in”?

Seek it. Find it. You’ll never regret it. Guaranteed. 

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