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Chicken Nuggets & Hot Dogs

Everyone’s heard that we go through different “phases of life”… Right? But what about the phases where you’re running your fastest, working your hardest, doing your best (and then some) juggling emotions (mine, his, theirs…) and clocks and grocery shopping and laundry and cleaning and maybe even working in the big wide world… And your in a phase that’s left with dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and hot dogs on your plate at dinner?

You look at wonder-mom (we all know her) she has her hair swept up nicely, kids in perfectly put together, coordinating Gymboree outfits (and matching behavior) house clean, she makes it not only on time, but early to every single event that your kids all go to.  Her husband laughs, she smiles, and the wave of music rises as she sweeps her hair gently off her face and leans in to kiss him… Oh,and on top of that,  her dinner each night looks like something some famous chef made on that food channel (you know those meals we ‘chicken nuggetters’ can’t even  pronounce properly)

“Ahhh, She has it all…” We think while seething with envy. “She has the life I work so hard to achieve, yet have the complete opposite…But How?!?!?!”

But let me ask you again… does she have it all?

Maybe she does. There are a few wonder women who can hold it all together- mothering, working, being a wife and even cooking that healthy nutritious meal inspired by the Food Network. A few. In the millions and millions of women worldwide, there reside a few of these super-humans.

But what about the rest of us (ya know- the rest of us 99.99%-ers?)

What about us moms stuck staring at a plate of sink shaped nuggets or hot dogs with Mac n cheese again tonight…?

Where did we go wrong?

How did I end up being that mom?

I lined up my ducks in a row.

I made a list.

I tried so hard.

And now I’m staring at a plate of breaded wonder-meat just wondering how I got here. How despite all my best efforts, I stand in front of chicken nuggets about to be handed off to these little offspring of mine that I value so much. That I work so hard for.

Where did I go wrong?

What if you didn’t dear mama?

What if you’re just in a “chicken nuggets and hot dogs” phase right now?

Does that make you less of a mother? Less of a wife?

Absolutely Not.

Hear me very closely when I say this:

if you are doing your best  for your Christ, then you are doing it all.  You have NOT failed. 

You may look like the next Food Netowrk TV star, or have bits and pieces of that Perfect mom life sort of falling into place.. Or they may be crashing down around you, trying to crush you while you just hear up your chicken nuggets in the microwave …again.

I’ll be honest. Right now I’m a chicken nugget mom. And I’ll tell you that I love my kids no less than the ones with broccoli and tilapia on their plates. Though I have a good-stained and cockeyed tablecloth on my table, I love my husband no less than the one who has the candle lit dinner on his table. Thoigh my hair knows no other style than “ponytail”, and last nights dinner is stuck to the ends of it…  believe it or not I still value myself- just in a different way than super-mom of makeup and multitasking.

I may be a chicken nugget mom. My kids may eat more hot dogs than most would say is healthy.

But I am living my life.

We are living our lives as family.

Valuing moments that revolve around dropped nuggets, spilled milk, food fights, dessert before dinner, wrestling matches, playing tag, mud fights and snow forts.

I may not spend all my time in the kitchen making beautiful food, or the bathroom making a beautiful “me”…

But I am spending my time with the true beauties on my life- the people I have here to love. The people that Christ has blessed me with in order to gain more out of the today of life. I am doing my best I this moment for them, for me, for cChrist.

I am not Wonder Woman,  but I am living

I am not the best chef, but my kids have food. ( even if it is chicken upheld and hot dogs)

I am not the best wife,  but I gave my husband a hug and kiss this morning

I am doing my best.

And if my best is chicken nuggets and hot dogs, then that’s OK too.

Be you mama. Be you at your best in this moment, on this day. Tomorrow might be better or it may be worse. It may even be the same as today. But I encourage you to live at your best today. Live confidently in knowing your best is enough- even on the “chicken nugget and hot dog” days.

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