Becoming a Godly Woman


I was two years old when I stood up in the back of a church sanctuary, on a pew and hollered out “amen!” In a way that only a toddler can. As the story goes, The pastor stopped his sermon, the sanctuary grew quiet, and all was still with a little tiny 2 foot tall person standing on a pew in the back of the church.  
And then laughter began. Quiet snickers at first, then a few giggles slipped out, and before long, laughter filled the air that had stood so still just moments ago. 

What if your purpose was built into you so deeply that you started fulfilling it before you even knew what it was? 

What If your purpose is divinely inspired, divinely built deep within your soul, and cannot be denied or refused? 
What if God will have you fulfill His purpose for you in this world no matter what? 
I think of my two year old son now. He’s busy and loud and screaming more of the time than not. He colors on walls and throws rocks at sisters and sits on the poor dog. He’s just a little boy. He doesn’t walk around exuding some specific purpose, some specific life-direction… He just lives.
And yet, God might be fulfilling His purpose for my son even in his young age. 
Maybe his gift is making people laugh. Most every time I see him he’s making people laugh or smile. 
Maybe his gift is prayer. He prays for things I don’t even remember to- things that are close to his heart , like boo-boos and sisters. 
What if part of my purpose is making people pause life… Grow silent…. Be still-If only for a moment in this crazy whirlwind of life? 

What if they need this moment to have eyes wide open to see their own lives, their own purpose in the still moments? 
What if part of my purpose is making people laugh? I have a sarcastic core that runs through me and in awkward moments, I’m the one who makes the joke, who eases the tension, who wants to see smiles again. 
What if I’m fulfilling my purpose despite life, despite direction, despite everything that is the “I” in me? 

Like Jesus did
He was born a baby, humanly unaware of His purpose. He grew up as a boy and was drawn to the church, to his Fathers words, despite his human self. He grew to know the Father, his Father in a way that could be unexplained by many. He brought people to God through His parables and through his life example. And I can only imagine that it was intrinsically built I to Him, knowing He would one day have to sacrifice his life here on earth for the greater gift of salvation for many. 
And He was willing to do that. 

He was willing to live out His purpose for Christ despite his life here on earth. 

Am I? 
Am I willing to die to myself, give up my life, my “me” in order to live the life He has purposed within my soul? 
Am I willing to be wounded and bear the pain as He did for me on the cross- so that others can see my wounds, my pain, my tears, my cries out to God- and see Him in me? 
What if my wounds can help people refocus on the One who was wounded for them.. For me?
 What if these words can remind people of the hope we can keep having in Christ despite everything that hurts us in this life; That these wounds that should kill us- don’t have to? 
What if we choose to keep going because of Him? 
What if we choose to stand alone in the pew with the innocence of a two year old…and greet the silence with an unashamed “Amen”?

…What then? 

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