Becoming a Godly Woman · Grief and Loss

What if…?

What if this post-loss ‘new normal’ is the place where God has been trying to get me, developing me for, preening me to live? What if the ‘new normal’ is really the age-old ‘normal’ that Providence has had for me for centuries? 

“For we are Gods masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago”- Ephesians 2:10

How does that change things for me if my ‘new’ is God’s ‘old’, His ‘original’ plan?

To be honest, it kind of surprised me to think of that. Not that I didn’t trust that Gods always had a plan for this life of mine, but rather, it never occurred to me that unless I went though this…I would have never had to develop a new normal and wouldn’t be in the place I am in today- which might just be the place He needs me to be in order to use me most effectively for Him. 

Before all this, I thought my “old normal” was just fine & dandy… I think a lot of people do. After all, we don’t tend   seek dramatic change in general. 

In finding my new normal (thus far- I don’t know if it ever truly ends…) I’ve  had to to rediscover who I am. What is my identity? Who am I in Christ? Who am I here on earth? And who do I want to be in each of those areas? The comes the next part:  if I am not in my desired place, how do I get there? What changes need to take place? What part do I need to play I those? 

New normals are not fun– most of the time. But they are rewarding

Why do I say this?

Because I feel like taking on the challenge of seeking out, searching for the new normal, it allows your heart to open in new places, deeper places than previously exposed. It causes you to yearn deeper for Guidance and when Guidance comes, it allows you to receive it more openly. This, inevitably, changes things. Changes you. Helps you find your new normal place. The “new normal” you. 

The ‘new’ version of yourself is so very different- maybe even opposite of the “you” you always knew. It’s uncomfortable, it’s hard more often than not, it’s filled with uncertainty. 

But I feel like you are richer, deeper in so many ways. You are more aware of who you are at a soul level instead of the surface level you always knew. You’ve discovered depths of you that you never would have known to search for without this. You’ve discovered a new level of yourself- a level that’s always been there, but you weren’t privileged enough to experience until now. 

So let me propose this seemingly controversial idea- 

This new normal is a privilege given to few. A privelege you’ve been chosen to receive because He thinks you’re ready. It is because of your strength, because of your perseverance, because of your faith, because you’ve survived the unimaginable that you have been chosen to experience the “new” when most do not.

You, being given the chance to ‘start anew’, in a sense, is a reward for the ways  you handled the normal that came before this. 

Not everyone gets this chance to find themselves in newer, deeper waters of the soul. Not everyone survives long enough to find this place. 

“For we are Gods masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago”- Ephesians 2:10

Maybe now is the time we get to do these “good things He planned for us so long ago”. Perhaps we couldn’t fulfill His mission without getting here first.  

Maybe our ‘New’ has been the ‘original plan’ all along. 

Maybe we are here in the uncertain & scary ‘new’ “for such a time as this”… 

What if we have been chosen by Providence Himself?

Esther 4:14- And who knows, you may have been chosen (queen) for such a time as this.”

What if…???

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