Grief and Loss

The Bereaved Mother

The bereaved mother stands…as she sinks

The bereaved mother smiles….as her heart breaks

The bereaved mother loves…to a depth beyond what is known to  others

The bereaved mother steps forward , even when shes not sure how…as the world watches her limp on by

The bereaved mother’s heart is broken…yet it is full

The bereaved mother carries brokenness day in and day out

She proceeds with grace… even in the unimaginable pain

She carries her babies within her, and not always beside her.

The bereaved mother understands the sacred dance of grief and joy as she swirls about amidst them.

The bereaved mother knows strength beyond her own…though not everyone will see what it takes to carry her through.

The bereaved mother is forgotten by the world in so many moments

The bereaved mother’s soul is pained with tears that are too deep to well up in some moments…yet she carries on.

She has walked the road that haunts others nightmares…and she is still standing.

She is you.

She is me.

She is incredible beyond words.

She has experienced the unimaginable…yet she is still standing….oftentimes smiling.

How? Sometimes even she doen’t know.

Her worst nightmare came true. Perhaps, even, more than once.

Yet, she stands.

If you ask her if she would do it all over again…the heartache, the pain, the irrepariable brokenness…the loneliness…

We would say “yes”…without a pause, or a reservation…

Because he is my child.

She is her child.

And the experience of loving them- even for a moment- is as great a depth a mother could ever love.

We never have to let go.

We get to imagine their lives here on earth while knowing the joy they live in for eternity.

and one day, we know, we will get to be their mother once again, and hold them in our arms…and not just our hearts.

And when we finally hold them close in an embrace that the strength of Samson could not break…we don’t have to ever, ever let go.

Because they are ours…forever.

She may not have them beside her. But she carries them…And she is always a mother.


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