About the Author

Kirsten is a woman after God’s heart and direction for her life. She is a writer, encourager, wife, mother, aunt, and friend. Her faith in God is the center focus of her life. Her family is her next priority. Kirsten strives to live a life powered and directed by priorities versus obligations. While not always easy, she believes it possible with enough passion and ‘enough God.

Kirsten found her love for writing after her son Philip was stillborn. It became a part of (and continues to remain) her incredible healing journey. She wrote journals, cards, letters to people who encouraged her to share her voice through writing to the bereaved public…and so with much anxiety and doubt in herself… and a whole lot of encouragement from others and faith in God…one day Raindrops of Hope was born.

Kirsten dreams for Raindrops of Hope to spread light and life to bereaved mothers, much like herself. She helps to make memory boxes that are gifted at no charge to bereaved mothers at the hospital. She makes time to meet and talk with other women in similar situations as herself. She has a passion and drive to make sure that no more mothers of babies lost too soon are silenced by society. And she drinks a lot of coffee…yes…lots and lots.

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Thank you. Beyond words…thank you.