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Being a mother to a child you can’t hold in your arms is arguably the hardest thing someone could ever endure. Yet here we are, still surviving, one day at a time.
Over the course of the next 6 -12 months, I felt the Lord leading me to write to other bereaved mothers and friends. I had a drive to impact people, much like myself, who were in such a  dark place… with hope and light in Christ. Raindrops of Hope has begun as a faith-driven dream of ours. Our goal is to help these newly bereaved parents find healing through hope and light in Christ.

What started out as a blog ministry  designed to bring hope and healing to infant loss parents (, has developed now into a ministry bringing memory boxes (or “Raindrop boxes” -as we call them) to other bereaved mothers.

Raindrop boxes can get into the hands of these newly bereaved parents through  many different hands that all work together, including local hospitals, doctors offices,and pregnancy centers as well as sometimes through a close friend or family member.

We have such big dreams for Raindrops of Hope. Our current dream is to one day (hopefully soon) function as a nonprofit organization available to Northeast Ohio parents (and Lord-willing beyond) who are grieving the loss of their child/children and bring healing through hope to these mamas and daddys.

Any donation you make will be used to help further the ministry of Raindrops of Hope in these goals, as well as assist in offsetting the cost of our Raindrop boxes.

Thank you in advance for any financial gift, but more importantly, thank you for your prayers. Without the prayers of so many, Raindrops of Hope would have never even come to exist.

* If you would like to make a donation in honor of your child, please provide their name and we will make a box in their honor to give to a newly bereaved mother.