Grief and Loss · Life after Loss

Going Forward

Today it dawned on me… I can’t stay in the past, although parts of me SO wish that I could stay there forever, in those moments of experiencing him. I am realizing life moves on and if I don’t move, albeit slowly, with it, i’m going to miss the life that I have left after… Continue reading Going Forward

Grief and Loss

The Bereaved Mother

The bereaved mother stands…as she sinks The bereaved mother smiles….as her heart breaks The bereaved mother loves…to a depth beyond what is known to  others The bereaved mother steps forward , even when shes not sure how…as the world watches her limp on by The bereaved mother’s heart is broken…yet it is full The bereaved… Continue reading The Bereaved Mother

Grief and Loss


There I lay… Shattered. A million pieces on a cold cement floor. Moments passed. Then hours. Days came and went. Months droned on. And there I lay, not sure what to do next. How do you put a million pieces back together? You can’t. But God can. What I’ve been learning though, is that He… Continue reading Shattered

Grief and Loss

On Your Second Birthday…

My son turns 2 today. 2 years old…big round giggling bellies, smiling, adventuring (perhaps a bit too much at times), running around, hugs that melt your heart and  “ I wuv yooo’s” that make my world go ’round. My son turns 2 today. But I don’t get to enjoy the toddling feet or big round… Continue reading On Your Second Birthday…

Grief and Loss

Grief Anniversaries

The black capped chickadee’s two toned call. Robins littering my front yard as the snow finishes melting off. Sunny Saturday’s of pushing my little boy on the swing set. For me, these are moments and days where my heart again aches so deeply for the little boy who calls heaven “home”, rather than my arms. … Continue reading Grief Anniversaries

Rainbow Baby

Growing Rainbows from Raindrops

My little rainbow boy, Micah Philip, is here. The pregnancy was unlike anything I can describe, at least to someone who’s never gone through what we have.  It was fear-filled daily…hourly, in fact, despite every effort to trust that God would protect this child.  It was doubt filled. I doubted that my body could carry… Continue reading Growing Rainbows from Raindrops

Grief and Loss


Sometimes I wonder if the time warp that began nearly a year and a half ago will ever stop… Or at least slow down so I have a chance to try to catch up. The moment we heard those words, our clocks stopped, all while the world kept ticking by. Days, weeks, months… Then suddenly… Continue reading Tick-Tock